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May 30, 2009


Eirik K

Dear Guillermo.

Maybe this is a bit different for us using Autocad Architecture 2010, for one I can't find the "3D modeling workspace", it is not one of the default options in ACA. How can I get to that workspace in ACA?
Also, when I try your shortcut (in the Architecture workspace) this command, _.impliedfacex, appears in the command line, but nothing happens...

Just wanted to try your tip, but maybe I did something wrong..


Steven D. Papke

Cool color scheme! How did you accomplish this and is the display of the model specific to a visual style?

Guillermo Melantoni

glad you like it. I'll make a post about it as soon as I get home from my trip to Brazil.

Guillermo Melantoni

Hi Eirik,
I opened my AutoCAD Architecture, and even though it does not have the AutoCAD workspaces, you can make the operations.
Press Pull is done with Shift Ctrl E over any enclosed space, and if you click control and select a face, you can manipulate it as mentioned in the post.
If you want the exact AutoCAD workspace, you can make an installation of AutoCAD Architecture as AutoCAD, and then run the one you need.

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